15 Crazy World Records No One Will Ever Be Able To Beat

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World records...they can be made, and they can be broken but some are impossible to beat. If you ever want a fast track to fame, breaking a world record seems to be the way to do it! The Guinness Book of World Records was first published in 1955 by Hugh Beaver, and continues to be published each year, documenting some of the most incredible records held by people from around the world.

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Some records get broken every year by ambitious people who sees the goals as attainable. There are some very special world records that will likely never be broken because the people who made these feats were pretty remarkable people. Some of these records may not be broken in our lifetime, and some may never be broken at all. It’s hard to comprehend that some people are truly “one in a million” and these records will remain unbroken for centuries to come.

Many of these records have been untouched for a few decades. But, if you happen to find yourself breaking one of these records, you’ll become an instant celebrity and make headlines all over the world!

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