15 Most Outlandish Purchases Ever Made By Celebrities

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People sometimes buy outlandish things. Whether the purchase is outlandish due to the item itself or due to its price tag, one thing's for sure: the more money you have, the more money you have to spend on wants instead of needs. That’s why celebrities are the kings and queens of making weird purchases; they can essentially buy whatever they want without it really affecting their bank accounts. Chrissy Teigen might try to justify the huge cheese wheel that John Legend gifted her as a necessity, but we're pretty sure that she could've done without it. The same goes for Paris Hilton, who paid more than what most Americans spend on a house for a doggy mansion. Because every dog lives in a mansion equipped with air conditioning, right? But Chrissy and Paris aren't the only excessive celebs in this world. Watch this video to see what else the rich and famous like to spend their money on.

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