20 ODD People Spotted On The Beach

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When it comes to fun summer activities, sometimes you just can’t beat the classic pastime of people watching. For some reason the beach seems to be a particularly great place to peep some interesting people. Something about the spray of the salty air just inspires people to be at their absolute strangest. In this video, we’ll show you 20 odd people that were spotted enjoying their time at the beach. You might think that using a beach towel could not possibly get more straightforward, but we will show you a woman who struggled with the concept. Then there is the wide array of animals people were seen interacting with on the beach, and we are not just talking about seagulls. There is the goose spotted relaxing in the sun with one beach-goer, the man who brought his pet rooster to get some sun, and of course the cheeky chimp spotted smiling in a group photo with a bunch of humans. Planking may no longer be a hot new trend, but we spotted more than one person planking in a truly weird way by the seashore. Sunbathing is a popular beach activity, but some people are too impatient to wait and instead set up their towels and got their tan on right in the beach parking lot! Posing for a family photo near the ocean is not a big deal, unless mom decides she does not want to get her feet wet and forces the family to carry her weight quite literally.

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