3 Cursed Christmas Toys From Your Childhood With Fascinating Origins - Wait A Minute... What?

What do Tickle Me Elmo, Furby, and Cabbage Patch Kids all have in common? Well, they're objectively some of the weirdest toys ever given as Christmas presents, but they also all have fascinating origin stories ranging from amusing to straight-up terrifying. Melissa digs into the toys of Christmas past to try and explain why we ever cared about these things.

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Hosted by: Melissa Aquiles
Written by: Jack Frederick & Melissa Aquiles
Edited by: Jack Frederick

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00:00 - Intro
01:05 - FURBY - The Potential Future Airplane Hijacker
04:51 - TICKLE ME ELMO - The Fun Toy Voiced By An Alleged Sex Offender
08:12 - CABBAGE PATCH DOLLS - Orphan... Child Slaves?
11:55 - Sarah McLachlan?
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