3 Practices To Raise Your Kids To Be Confident Adults

Having expectations of your child will hurt them more than help them. Watch this! XO

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For kids to grow into confident, successful and happy adults, parents can practice these 3 things:

1st: Drop your expectations of your children.

Many parents feel like having expectations of their children is good because it helps the child improve and realise their potential.

This backfires because the child grows up always feeling like they’re not good enough until they achieve something.

If you want your child to grow up with with a healthy self-esteem, where they know they, worthy and enough, then you need to find ways to encourage them to give their best in everything they do without letting them feel like they failed you and your expectations.

2. Make it clear that you’re proud of your children.

Often, we feel like if we show our disapproval, then people will be motivated to do better.

However, children will always seek approval, acceptance and love from their parents, so much so that if they feel like their parents are disappointed in them, they will seek approval, acceptance and love from external sources as they grow up.

This is why the smartest person can also be very emotionally unhappy, because they latch on to people and things to give their life meaning.

You can bring out the best in your child by helping them shine as brightly as they can, without using disapproval to motivate them which will dampen their light.

3. Learn how to be happy with your own life.

Parents who are unhappy with their life, their marriage or their career will be very unhappy at home. They’ll be impatient, complain a lot and they’ll lose their temper very easily.

Their children will grow up to be adults who don’t know how to resolve problems positively, they won’t how to communicate and will carry a lot of resentment for their parents as well as in their own relationships.

It is never more urgent for us to work on our own happiness, to cultivate our own healthy self-esteem and to build our own emotional maturity than when we have kids.

If you can treat yourself with kindness and love where you encourage instead of berate yourself, then that’s the way you’ll raise your kids, and they’ll grow to be confident, successful adults who know how to be happy, always.
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