3 Simple Ways To Let Go Of Anger

It's human to feel upset. This is what we can do to let go of that feeling! XO

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To Read:
We all prefer to be happy instead of being angry, but sometimes, we can’t help but feel angry, upset or frustrated in certain situations or with certain people.

It’s hard to go from angry to not angry in an instant, which means that in our daily lives, we have to already practice these 3 things.

The first, is the practice of awareness. We become more aware by first learning to recognise our little annoyances and irritations.

Sometimes, we’re angry without being aware that we’re angry. We get so carried away with how we’re feeling that we just react first and think later. So in order for that not to happen, we must first learn to be aware of what the small things are that create frustration and impatience inside of us.

The second thing to practice, is curiosity.

See, people upset us when they do something so different from what we would do.

When we’re aware of how upset we are, we can change our internal vocabulary from “I don’t understand how people can do that!” to “Hmm, I don’t understand how this person is.”

This changes our feeling of frustration to genuine curiosity. Indeed, why does this person behave this way?

The moment someone upsets you, be curious, because it’s a way to remind ourselves that human beings are different, and it’s then easier to breathe and let go of that anger we feel.

The third thing to practice, is focus on your objective.

In every situation, we have something we want to achieve - whether it’s for someone to listen to for someone to be more effective or simply for someone to be nicer to us.

Remind yourself that the way to achieve your objective is not through anger, but through calmness.

It’s illogical to want a positive outcome from a negative reaction. So yes, even though you’re mad and frustrated and angry as heck, you don’t want to hold on to that feeling because your negative reaction is not likely to help you meet your objectives.

It’s human to feel emotions, but it’s what we do about our emotions that determine whether we can be happy, always!
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