3 Ways To Not Be Affected By What People Think

These 3 things can help you not be affected by judgements and criticisms! XO

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To Read:
We shouldn’t care about what people think, but knowing this doesn’t actually stop us feeling the sting when we think people are judging us. These are 3 ways to help us not feel so affected by people’s judgements:

Number 1. Don’t see it as judgement.

We human beings are always thinking something. So when we look at someone, we will have a thought. Similarly, when people meet us, or when they see our work or see anything online, they’re going to have to think something.

Sometimes, their thoughts of us are flattering, and sometimes their thoughts of us aren’t flattering.

Logically, instead of seeing their thoughts as judgements, we can just acknowledge and embrace the fact that people are just thinking their thoughts.

Number 2. Understand why people judge.

People’s thoughts will revolve around their worldview, their beliefs, their values, their fears and their needs and the list goes on. So naturally, sometimes people will find us very dissimilar to themselves, and will disagree with how we live life, which means they have an unflattering opinion of us.

Sometimes, people disagree and disapprove based on their own triggers, and that manifests into a judgement.

If we look at our thoughts about people and when our opinion turns into judgement, it is exactly the same.

Number 3: Disassociate your work from who you are

When it comes to our work, we know that the criticisms or judgements aren’t personal, yet it feels personal. It feels personal because our work is such an important part of our pride and our identity.

But we need to remind ourselves that work is only part of who we are a person. If someone rejects your work, they’re not rejecting you. It’s just like how when someone praises your work, they’re not saying you’re an amazing human being.

Don’t automatically equate what people say about your work to what it must mean about you as a person.

We need to disassociate our worth as a person from the successes and rejections we get.

What people think about us only affects us so much because deep down inside, we have a need to prove to ourselves that we’re worthy. So the more acceptance we can give to ourselves, the less we’ll be affected by people’s judgements. Be happy, with yourself, always!
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