3 Ways To Tell A Person's Character - Happiness Vlog

How can you tell if someone is a genuinely nice person? Here are 3 ways! X

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I’m not sure if she's a nice person.
I’m not sure what he’s really like.
I’m not sure if I want to marry this person.

If you’re unsure about a person’s character, all you have to do is observe these 3 simple things:

Number 1:
How they treat waitstaff.
Is the person dismissive of waiters, or respectful towards them? How nice we are to people we don’t need to impress tells a lot about our character.

Someone who treats waitstaff well is less likely to have a sense of entitlement and more likely to live life with gratitude.

Number 2: How they handle problems
Is the person able to handle negative situations well? Everyone’s nice until a problem comes up, and that’s when we see if they focus more on blame or more on finding a solution.

Someone who is self-aware and able to let go of anger is more likely to enrich your life.

Number 3: How they talk about other people
Is the person often criticising others and finding faults with people especially people who may be more successful than them?

What a person say about others is a sign of how they feel about themselves.

If someone is genuinely confident and compassionate, they won’t belittle or trash talk someone, even if they dislike the person.

Observe how the person respond to other people and their own emotions, not just how they treat you. That is a direct indication to how they think, how they see the world, and if they truly have the ability to cultivate joy and peace to be happy, always!

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