30 Facts You NEVER Learned In School

10 Things Your School Teacher Doesn't Know

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It seems that no matter where we look, there is something new to learn. That can be refreshing because once we’re at the point where we know everything, life could get a bit boring. When it comes to facts, we are so overwhelmed by the world around us. There is so much to learn and know, and it can be too much to try to learn everything there is to know. We obviously go to school to learn the basics, and then we hone in on our interests in college. Then, ideally, we get a job that’s in the field that we studied. However, college just skims the surface when it comes to street smarts. Of course, book smarts will get you quite far, but there is more to know. When you have a complete unawareness of the world around you, it shows. Sometimes, it can even affect friendships and relationships, especially if you’re not in the know when it comes to pop culture. It may even ostracize you for a bit.

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