$400 Million Dollar Pirate Treasure Found In Cape Cod

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A Pirate Treasure worth over $400 million US Dollars was recently found just off the coast of Cape Cod, near Boston Massachusetts. This ancient mystery has finally been solved, and boy are people getting rich!

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The famed Whydah Gally shipwreck eluded discovery for over 260 years, sending treasure-hunters, historians, and underwater archeologists of a seemingly never-ending chase to nothing and nowhere. But then, thanks to one man - a lucky explorer by the name of Barry Clifford, we have our answers.

The date was April 26th, 1717. A ship dubbed the Whydah had been infiltrated by pirates and was carrying gold, jewelry and valuables worth in excess of hundreds of millions of dollars. Over the choppy waters amidst a rough storm, it sank, taking the gold and the crew down with it. Centuries later, the treasure has finally been unearthed...

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