5 EXTREME Building Demolitions and Implosions

5 Impressive Building Demolitions and Implosions
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0:00 MonthlyFails presents "5 Extreme Building Demolition and Implosions"!
0:14 Amazing Demolition of Huge Highway Bridge (Length: 340 Meter / 1,100 Feet | Weight: 12.300 t | Explosives: 61,5 KG)
1:42 Stunning Power Plant Demolition (Height : 215 m / 700 Feet)
3:48 Large Shopping Center Demolition (Height: 55 meters / 200 feet | Explosives: 50 kg)
5:01 Demolition of 2x Cooling Towers of Power Plant (Height: 115 m / Weight: 11.000 t)
6:51 Demolition of 4x Lattice Masts (Height: 130 Meters / 425 Feet)
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