5 GIANT Guard Dogs Too Big For Your Home

Animals You've Never Seen Until Now

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Some dogs have the temperament to make great guard dogs, but don’t underestimate the value of having a huge dog that simply looks intimidating. We’ll introduce you to some of the biggest guard dogs around, some of which hold world records for their unusual sizes or qualities. There’s Freddy, the largest male Great Dane in the world, who costs over a hundred dollars per week to keep fed! His female counterpart is named Lizzy, and she is so tall she needs to be measured using a device meant for ponies rather than dogs. Saint Bernards were bred to guard and protect humans, but Mochi ended up in need of rescue herself. Her now owners discovered that in addition to her huge size, she also has the largest tongue out of any dog in the world! Keon is an Irish Wolfhound whose family describes her as a gentle giant, but if she takes too kindly to that compliment she just might knock you over with a single swing of her enormous tail.

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