5 Happiness Goals For An Amazing New Year

Don’t let anything stop you from having an AMAZING year. Watch this! XO

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There are many things in life we cannot control, but we have absolute power over the quality of our relationships and the quality of our life, and here are 5 happiness goals that are so worthy to practice because if we do this, we’ll have an amazing year ahead no matter what happiness.

Happiness practice #1: Set goals for what you already have.
We often set goals for what we don’t yet have, goals for we want to achieve, like a dream job, a dream vacation or a dream relationship. And whilst that’s great, setting goals to grow and nourish what we currently already have is going to help us be so much happier.

Think of your relationship with yourself and your current relationship with the people you love, and write down what you’d like to change.

Like any goal, the more specific the plan, the more helpful it’s going to be for you to take action to achieve them. For example, instead of writing “Better communication with my partner”, which is quit vague, state your action plan very clearly with “I will listen without interrupting when my partner talks, even if there is a risk I might forget what I was going to say.”

Instead of “I will be more patient with my parents”, be specific such as - “When my parents calls, I’ll make sure my tone of voice is affectionate and cheerful - similar to when my friend calls - instead of answering the phone in the ‘usual’ tone I use with my parents.

Happiness Practice #2: Focus on the quality of your relationships
It’s ironic how we can love someone, yet not really enjoy our time spent together with the person.

We can be afraid to say what we think, or we’re easily hurt or triggered by the person. We often also have resentment towards someone we love, which is why we can be constantly impatient and frustrated with them.

Love is great, but it means nothing if the quality of our relationship is filled with suffering. This year, focus on truly enjoying the time spent with the people you love, and this means working on letting go of resentment, putting in the effort to change what we can change and accepting what we cannot change.

Happiness Practice #3: Identify Your Triggers Patterns
This year, consciously practice being aware of what your habitual responses and triggers are with your partner, your parents, your kids and even with the people at work. We cannot control other people’s behaviour, but we can take note of ours.

If you feel like you often react a certain way, or if you notice a pattern where you react and then feel regretful or guilty after, make a conscious effort to understand the source of your behaviour, so you can change your response and change the pattern to a more positive one.

Happiness Practice #4: Be okay with not being okay
Happiness is not a constant state of perfection - happiness is the practice of accepting how we feel and what’s happening so we have peace instead of suffering.

When we feel down, when we feel lost, we don’t have to wish that we didn’t feel this way. Don’t feel bad for feeling bad, because it is when we can accept our emotions and not judge ourselves that we can be at peace with how we’re feeling and who we are.

Happiness Practice #5: Embrace that life is a celebration or a lesson
If we can embrace that life is either a celebration or a lesson, our perspective towards our personal challenges and difficulties will shift. This doesn’t mean that we will never feel sad or upset, it means that when we do have problems, we are able to see them as an opportunity to learn something valuable.

This practice encourages us to ask ourselves, “What do I need to understand about this?” and “How do I approach this that doesn’t make me suffer?” instead of “Why me?” “Why is this happening to me?”

When things are going smoothly in our lives, it is a celebration. When challenges present themselves in the form of people or our circumstances, it is an opportunity to learn. Either way, we win.

With these 5 practices, we’ll always be able to bring ourselves to a place where we can handle any situation without anxiety, anger or unhappiness.

Have a wonderful new year, and be happy, always!
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