5 Movie Universes Secretly Much Weirder Than You'd Think - Your Brain On Cracked (Terminator, Logan)

What are the mutant historians like in 'Logan' or the NYC attack truthers in 'Ghostbusters' or the true-crime enthusiasts in 'The Terminator'? Movie universes are much larger than the seven people we follow during the movie, but who the heck lives there and what are they up to? "Doctor" Jordan Breeding returns to deep dive into a few cinematic universes and ring in the new year the only way he knows how.

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Writer: Jordan Breeding
Editing: Andy Sowar, Jordan Breeding, Caleb Gritsko

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Inspired by the article: https://www.cracked.com/article_24775_5-movie-universes-that-would-be-much-weirder-than-you-think.html

00:00 - Intro
01:12 - LOGAN: Mutant History Nerds
03:32 - TERMINATOR: True Crime Enthusiasts
05:29 - THE DARK KNIGHT: Mediocre Bat People
07:06 - GHOSTBUSTERS: NYC Attack Truthers
08:40 - BIRDMAN: Sadist Theater
11:36 - Would You Like To Join My Cult?
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