5 Spider-Man Storylines Too Hot For The MCU - CanonBall

Spider-Man has gotten up to quite a lot in the past 60 years, and we're always discovering new, bonkers comic storylines we've never read before. Apparently, Spider-Man's villains haven't always been doctor octopuses or green goblins. Sometimes they've been the very concept of good taste and healthy sensuality. We dig into a few storylines way too strange and hot to ever make an appearance in a Disney-branded MCU film (or, also, a Sony movie, presumably).

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Written and Edited by: Jesse Eisemann

One entry inspired by the article: https://www.cracked.com/article_27309_5-insane-ways-superheroes-were-changed-in-other-countries.html

00:00 - Intro
01:00 - The Green Goblin Boinked Gwen Stacy
02:17 - Aunt May Is Secretly Peter's Mother
03:50 - Peter Parker Was Groped As A Kid
05:40 - Gwen Stacy's Butt Was Much Bigger In Mexico
07:01 - Peter Killed Mary Jane With His Radioactive, Uh, Love Juice
08:17 - Meet The Man Behind The Curtain
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