7 Lost Planes Finally Found

Missing planes that've been found years after the aircraft disappeared. From Pilot error to unsolved mysteries, these jets were finally reveal their secrets.

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We fly from New York to Timbuktu and everywhere in between, usually without a worry in the world - except maybe the quality of the overly-salted food. But what happens when those giant metal birds were flying in... go down? It’s a nightmare scenario for all of us. When the jet engines fail, the fancy-pants patrons in Business Class and the peasants like us down in economy are all equally screwed. No matter if we’re seasoned jetsetters, first-time flyers, or even if we’re soaring around in our private jet Kanye West-style, sometimes, tragically, accidents happen.

More often than not, thanks to state-of-the-art technology and indestructible black boxes, investigators know almost immediately what the full story is. Sometimes, however, it remains a mystery. Every so often, planes just disappear off the map, never to be seen again, until now.

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