7 Mysterious Forests You Should Never Visit

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We can’t think of many things more naturally terrifying than a forest. Just think about it: they’re giant, dark, wooded areas that a person can easily get lost in, but that’s not all.

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Back to the forests, they’re also filled with animals—dangerous animals. We’re talking wolves, bears, snakes, mosquitoes, and things like tigers and leopards depending on your location. But we know this is not all you think about when you think about forests. Folk tales and the media have made it so that nature is not the first thing many people worry about when venturing into the wilderness. This is reserved for ghosts, serial killers, witches, Satanists, and everything else that populates the dark recesses of one’s imagination.

This video contains the forests that are said to harbor all these creatures, and so much more. Take Elfin Forest in California, which is said to be home to a notorious white witch that is so terrifying that it makes the Blair Witch seem like Hermione Granger. Another supernatural forest is Hoia Forest in Romania, which contains a 1,000-foot circular area where nothing grows. This has been attributed to everything from magnets to aliens.

Perhaps the best known of the forests that you’ll see in this video is Germany’s Black Forest, whose supposed paranormal activity served as the inspiration for the Brothers Grimm fairy tales.

Of course, you don’t need any supernatural elements to make some of the other forests in this video so mysterious. Like Aokigahara, for instance: a Japanese forest wherein people take their own lives in record numbers; or the Shawnee National Forest, wherein mass migrations of snakes occur. There was no shortage of creepy forests to choose from, and these seven represent the creepiest of the creepy.

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