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Why does joy come so easily when it's unexpected? Watch this! X

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Have you ever found money in your handbag or in the pocket or your jeans? Discover an item that you’ve forgotten you had? Or thought you’ve lost something and then find it tucked away in a corner somewhere?

Isn’t that the best feeling ever? Finding something you didn’t know you already have bring so much more joy than if you already knew you had it.

There’s actually no difference, only how you think about it. It feels like such a bonus, even though we didn’t receive anything that doesn’t already belong to us!

We all don’t want to take things for granted, yet it’s so easy to fall into the trap of not even seeing the things we own, we just get used to using them.

If we see it, it’s usually to highlight or point out some flaw or another - “Oh it’s too slow”, “It should be better”.

The same goes for the people in our lives. It’s so easy for our eyes to stop seeing how good our partner looks, or what they’re constantly doing for us. If we see them, it’s to point out how they could be better, do better.

We get so used to having the good stuff lying around that we have to lose it, misplace it, or not have it around for a while… to actually feel the joy and excitement of discovering it again.

It’s such a bonus that we don’t even focus on the fact that it’s only 5 dollars that we found, we don’t even notice that the lost and found item is old and tarnished.

If we can look at the things we already have as a bonus, as opposed to something that’s normal, or something that we should have, then we’ll experience this sense of joy everyday… so here’s to always discovering something you already had, and be happy, always.

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