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A procrastinator's problem: Thinking so much about something that we feel like we've already done it. Watch this! X

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What we want to be doesn't matter as much what we do matters. Of course, everything begins with an intention, but intentions only mean something with action. Everything else in between is just potential; and in life, we can have so much potential that isn't realised.
Sometimes, we think so much about something that we feel like we've done it. It's like "I THINK so much about exercise that it makes up for me not exercising". In our mind, we can intend so much to do something, that we can feel like we're already halfway there. But if we haven't put in the action... we're actually nowhere there.
This doesn't mean that we should feel bad or guilty every time we don't meet our own intentions, because we can go on feeling bad and guilty for years and simply become familiar with that feeling rather than to take action to meet our intentions.
We can 'have an awareness' about the kind of person we think we want to be, but that sort of awareness can go on for years with no change. Then what is in our mind doesn't translate into something real, something concrete.
What's more important is not where we are or where we want to be, it's where we move towards. Thinking doesn't make us move towards something. We get ready to move with our good intentions, but it's actually moving that takes us somewhere other than here.
We all know this, but to actually do it is hard. This is why moving forward and being the kind of person we want to be isn't easy. But as long, as we keep putting in the action, taking the first step, and the second step, and the third step... we're moving forward. And that's the important thing in life. Don't just think positive thoughts, take the action to move forward, and be happy, always. 

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