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We all learn what we need to, when the time is right. Watch this X

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There is a right time for everything. We can realise many things, but it’s not until we come into realisation can we practice them.

You can tell someone to be kind, and they can understand it as a concept, but it is not until they’ve experienced kindness, or the lack thereof, that they are enlightened to what the concept means.

We may reject an idea and think it’s unnecessary, but there may come a day where we would completely embrace what we once thought was stupid.

A mother could pack a sandwich and an umbrella in her child’s backpack, and the child could say he doesn’t need it and complain that it makes the backpack heavy.

And it’s not until he gets hungry, that he’ll be glad to find the sandwich is his bag. And when it starts to rain he’ll be grateful he has an umbrella.

We can only appreciate the lessons in life when we have a need for them. If you try to convince someone of something before they’re ready, they’ll completely reject it, or may agree just to please you.

But it doesn't mean we can’t share, that we can’t pack a backpack for the people we care about. We can lay out concepts and share our perspectives, but we have to do it with no expectations and with the understanding that the person will learn what they need to when the time is right.

We cannot convince people or try to change them. But we can paint them a picture of what we believe are good concepts, with no force and no frustration, and they’ll automatically practice it themselves when the time is right.

Many lessons are important, but it’s only be important to us when we have a need for it, and when we come into realisation of what can help us in our journey to live a better life and be happy, always!


Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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