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There's a war of words being waged through the South African news media; a war of buzzwords. One of those terms is "state capture", which describes something South Africans say happens all too often - when businesses close to the ANC government of President Jacob Zuma exercise undue political influence and benefit unfairly from government tenders - ending up with taxpayers' money in their pockets.

At the heart of the accusations is a powerful business family, the Guptas, who have close ties with the Zuma family and whose business empire spans computer equipment, mining and media.

The Guptas have been fighting back against accusations of state capture with a public relations offensive and a buzzword of their own. A trove of leaked emails originating from the Guptas and their associates have revealed that, with the help of Bell Pottinger, a public-relations firm based in London, the Guptas were behind the term - "white monopoly capital" - the idea that white-owned businesses control the South African economy.

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