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It is possible to accept ourselves, yet still improve as a person. Watch this X

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Love or Hate. Accept or Reject.

The concept of having to choose between one or the other that we must choose between one extreme of ‘good’ or the other extreme of ‘bad’ puts us in boxes. We’re either a good person or we’re a bad person.

But in truth, we’re human, and humans have flaws. Instead of trying to be a good person, we can instead work on being a more aware person.

Good or bad lies in one extreme or the other, but being aware puts us in the middle, where we’re able to walk the middle path and fully accept ourselves yet not excuse ourselves.

Loving ourselves can seem like a cop-out, like if we accept ourselves, we’re not improving ourselves.

But that cannot be further from the truth - because there is absolutely no way we can work on our flaws if we cannot love ourselves, because there’ll be too much guilt, too much shame and too much insecurity to be able to see clearly which direction is forward. We think we’re improving but if we cannot accept ourselves all we’re doing is struggling to move forward.

This is why even as we try to be a better person, as we try to be a successful person, we get frustrated with ourselves.

We see a bit of success and we’re proud and overjoyed but the moment, we experience a downturn, we’re absolutely devastated.

This only happens when we’ve linked our identity to what we do or don’t do, when we’ve linked our sense of self to how amazing or terrible we are. So whether or not we love ourselves, whether or not we accept ourselves, depends on so many things that it’s volatile.

One day we feel okay being who we are, and the next day, we feel almost worthless.

And this is where we can walk the middle path - where we allow ourselves the space to be really proud of who we are yet always being aware if we’re slipping into arrogance.

In the middle is where we’re able to love ourselves completely yet at the same time constantly work on being aware of improving and growing.

We don’t have to choose between loving or hating ourselves or accepting or rejecting ourselves. Walk the middle path. Accept yourself without excusing yourself, and be happy, always!


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