Actors Who Flat Out Refused To Film A Scene

Actors who flat out refused to film a scene happens a lot more often than you’d expect. But the reasons are quite varied - some actors just hate their co-stars, some felt the scene was just too intimate, and some just want to keep their clothes on - regardless of what the script says. A more infamous instance of co-stars hating each other was the movie Four Christmases which teamed up Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn - with the hopes that their chemistry would shine through on the screen. Instead the opposite happened; Witherspoon and Vaughn were complete opposites, including their approach to filming. Witherspoon memorized her lines, Vaughn improved his. The result was a mess that shone through on the big screen - with Witherspoon allegedly refusing completely to shoot a scene with Vaughn.

Amber Heard is riding a wave of late as Mera in Aquaman, but it was only a few years ago that she deep sixed London Fields by refusing to shoot a scene. Amber Heard has done nude scenes, but for London Fields, she refused despite the script (and original book) featured nudity. Producers went after her as hard as Johnny Depp did by suing Heard for $10 million and accusing her of being the reason that the movie flopped - by keeping her clothes on. Rebel Wilson refused a new scene in The Brothers Grimsby, but she can’t hardly be blamed for torpedoing that film - Sasha Baron Cohen has been on a cold spell of late as his brand of humor no longer wrings fresh with audiences.

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