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Know someone who doesn't reply (and disappear) just to avoid dealing with uncomfortable situations? Watch this! XO

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Have you known someone who has does a disappearing act?

A colleague, friend, lover or even family member who drops off the grid, never answering their text messages and phone calls? And then you see their posts on social media and know that they’re still alive.

Some people don’t like confrontations, so instead of having to talk to you, they would rather just be… unreachable.

It’s an instinctive, default way of managing conflicts and potential problems. “If I ignore you long enough, you’ll eventually give up and go away.”

But we’re not kids anymore. And we have to learn to be able to say “no” to someone instead of avoiding them.

We have to learn how to sit through uncomfortable conversations where we explain to people why we don’t want to see them anymore, or why we don’t want to work for them. It’s called being an adult.

Sometimes, we dupe ourselves into thinking that it’s better for the other person if we don’t talk to them. We’re saving them pain. That’s the story we tell ourselves, but deep down inside, we know that it’s a coward’s way of handling situations. We just don’t want to admit it to ourselves.

The truth is, in life, we’re never ever going to be able to run away from our issues and problems. We can ignore unpleasantness in the short run, but in the long run, our lack of emotional maturity is going to stop us from being able to have meaningful relationships or successful careers.

So learn to have difficult or uncomfortable conversations. Don’t let your fear of confrontation be the reason why you behave in a way that does such injustice to your own character - be someone whom you yourself will respect, and that’s when you’re able to work anywhere, be in any relationship, and be happy, always.


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