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Change in itself isn’t hard.

It’s when we want positive change, for our lives to improve, that it’s difficult.

I recently changed my phone, I’ve been using an iPhone for years, and I just bought a Google Pixel. I wanted a better phone, one that doesn’t lag with every update and helps me with organising my life. It was a big step switching from the iOs to Android, but I wanted the change, I was excited and was ready to learn how to navigate a different operating system.

But boy, I underestimated how challenging it would be adjusting to a new phone. There were so many times I would catch myself thinking, “Why isn’t this working like how it did on the iPhone?” and then it struck me - I said I was ready for something new, something better, but all I kept doing was wishing that my new phone was more like my old one!

How many times in our lives where we’re in new relationships and new jobs, and then think,

“Why doesn’t he do that for me like how my ex used to?” or “I could do that in my old office, why can’t I do it here?”

Sometimes, we want to improve our lives. We want to create change and we actually take the action to do it. We might even have the right mindset and determination. But when change is actually happening… it can feel like it’s not a positive change, because we feel more unsure and more uncomfortable, like a fish out of water.

But the thing is… the only way to improve our lives is to adjust our habits, and changing habits is one of the toughest things in the world to do, because we need to go against our instincts again and again.

Positive change is difficult but it is possible, because when we do something often enough, it forms into a new habit. And one day, it becomes easy, it becomes our new instinct.

When improvement is hard, don’t trick yourself into thinking that how things used to be was better. Remember why you wanted the change, hang in there, don’t give up, and you will see the results you want to be happy, always!

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