All The Rumors And Spoilers About Venom's Sequel

This your one stop shop for all the rumors and spoilers about Venom's sequel. First, let’s get the obvious out of the way, there will be a Venom 2. Despite critics hating Venom, the critics were wrong again and fans loved Tom Hardy and his take on Eddie Brock and Venom. The mid credits scene teased what will obviously be the focus of Venom 2 - Carnage. Woody Harrelson and his ridiculous Sideshow Bob wig literally said “There’s gonna be Carnage.” Let’s take his word for it - plus Harrelson is already on record saying that he’ll be in Venom 2 - it’s a safe play that Venom and Carnage will duke it out in Venom 2.

The real question is, “Will Spider-Man appear in Venom 2?” The answer is… maybe? Director Ruben Fleischer has hinted at an appearance from the wallcrawler in the Venom-verse. But the real question is, are the Venom-verse and the MCU related? Just logically speaking, the answer would be not right at this moment. Given that Venom is set in San Francisco, and so is Ant-Man, had Venom done his dirty work in the MCU we would expect Scott Lang to swoop in and try and stop the symbiote. That doesn’t mean, however, that we won’t see a future crossover - Spider-Man does revert back to Sony after Avengers 4, so the Endgame will truly be the End Game for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Eventually, Tom Holland and Tom Hardy will meet up as Spider-Man vs Venom - or maybe even Spider-Man and Venom, but it probably won’t be in Venom 2.

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"There's gonna be Carnage" | 0:15
Family friendly Venom | 1:21
The "inevitable" clash | 2:22
Symbiotes or zombies? | 3:18
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