Amazing Creatures That Are INVISIBLE To The Naked Eye

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Amazing transparent animals that are hard to spot! From camouflage to being see-through, these creatures are easy to miss.
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Evolution has caused some exotic creatures to develop some amazing traits. Whether their adaptations make them a better predator or a better prey, it’s clear that camouflage is a very useful tool in the animal kingdom. While most of the animals on this list can be found in the deep sea, we've managed to come across some unusual, transparent animals that live on land too! From jellyfish to butterflies, these creatures have found a variety of uses for their clear camouflage. While the glass frog seems to have no use for his clear skin, you'll be surprised to hear why he's considered the “World’s Best Dad.” Additionally, we'll show you a see-through snail that lives way below the Earth’s surface, and a clear ocean creature that can clone itself! Make sure to tune in until the end of Amazing See-Through Creatures You Can't Take Your Eyes Off to find out why the ants around your house might be way more fascinating than you think!

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