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Taking in a magic show can be a thrilling experience. Not only do you get to witness a wide variety of seemingly impossible feats, but you’re also treated to a barrage of hilarious jokes and the mystery of wondering “how did they do that?” Well, if you are not concerned about spoilers, check out our video where we will show you how some of your favorite performers pulled off incredible stunts. While you were busy laughing at a joke, they were using it as a form of misdirection, and took the opportunity to pull off some incredible sleight of hand. You may remember magician David Copperfield making the Statue of Liberty disappear, but as Gob Bluth would say, it was actually an illusion. Another Arrested Development caliber magic trick is walking on water, which is accomplished with a simple but effective material. Penn & Teller pull off some spectacular illusions, and they’re not overly shy when it comes to sharing their secrets. You might have been concerned when you saw Teller being run over by a huge truck, but he will explain why he was perfectly safe the entire time. Many of us wish that we were able to fly, but we will show you that levitating off the ground, or at least appearing to, is much easier than you might think. Street magic always seems to exciting and spontaneous, but there is often a lot of set up that goes on behind the scenes.

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