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What do you do when your partner has a bad temper? Watch this XO

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Love is supposed to conquer all, but when your partner has a bad temper or gets angry easily, it can be incredibly challenging to be happy in the relationship.

If we’re in a relationship with someone who loses their temper easily, we know without a shred of doubt that they’re actually a loving and nice person, when they’re not angry.

This is why it’s so hard for us to break up with someone with a bad temper, because we can see that they’re such good people. They are usually full of remorse and regret after, it’s just very hard for them to control their temper when they are mad.

Yet always being on the receiving end of someone’s temper isn’t healthy, and sometimes it can be dangerous, if not physically then emotionally. We can’t be in a relationship to change someone, yet we can’t have a genuinely happy relationship with our partner if they don’t change that aspect of themselves.

The only thing we can do, is to help them change. Helping someone change isn’t easy, and sometimes it takes years. So it all depends on how much we value the relationship.

If we really want to be in the relationship, we cannot fight fire with fire. When our partner is angry, we have to remain calm and not react, no matter how difficult that is. If they become abusive, we exit the situation immediately. But in other cases, walking away is a form of reaction that will only stoke the fire, not make it better.

But after it has happened, choose a time to talk to your partner about the incident and how it made you feel. It’s important to not allow the issue to be forgotten.

Nobody likes to bring up unpleasant things to discuss on a nice, sunny day, but if we want to help our partner change and for the relationship to get better, we have to find a good time to explain things to our partner. Because when they’re angry, they hear nothing. When they’re not angry, chances are they will think about what you say.

Relationships always require work, and only we can decide if this relationship is worth fighting for. Make the choices that can allow the both of you to be happy, always.


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