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KAMALA GRILLS ANTI-VAXXER ON COVID-19 BELIEFS : ‘Anti-vaxxer’ Dr. Jane M. Orient testifies before Sens. Kamala Harris, Kyrsten Sinema, and other members of the Senate Homeland Security Committee to discuss potential at-home COVID-19 treatments. Orient, who was invited by Republicans to testify, is the director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons—a group that believes mandatory vaccinations are a violation of their human rights. ‘A public health threat is the rationale for the policy on mandatory vaccines,’ Orient wrote to the Senate. ‘But how much of a threat is required to justify forcing people to accept government-imposed risks?’ Democrats criticized the GOP for inviting Orient to speak, with Sen. Chuck Schumer saying that ‘giving a platform to conspiracy theorists to spread myths and falsehoods about COVID vaccines is downright dangerous.’ Multiple members of the GOP have voiced their support for Orient’s beliefs, including Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) who recently tweeted ‘Americans should have the freedom to take the COVID vaccine. Americans should also have the freedom to decline the vaccine.’
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