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A bad days means we still have days. Watch this X

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Why is it that only when we've experienced sorrow that it is easier to appreciate moments of simple joy and contentment?

Why is it that only when we've experienced tragedy that it is easier to feel grateful for our health, for every moment we have alive?

People say 'Live in the present', but there is hardly a present before it immediately becomes the past or the future. Every moment we experience is quickly gone, so much so that every new moment we experience is the future.

We don't so much live in the present than we are given the opportunity of the future.

Every moment is an opportunity, and it is so sad that the motivation to appreciate our moments is at the highest when we have very few of these moments left.

We experience this with the people we love - when we have only a few moments left with them, we think back to all the past moments that we've taken for granted, or the moments we didn't even notice we had because we were distracted or busy.

When we wish for more time with the people we love, it’s almost always in regret - because we usually only wish for more time when we've run out of time.

We also experience this ourselves - when we are suddenly unable to do something, we begin to miss the smallest things, like walking or sitting without pain. And when our days are limited, we might even miss the privilege of having a bad day.

Because a bad day means we still have days.

It’s not that we have to be cheerful or positive, but that the commitment to live each day with positivity and good cheer is in itself showing the appreciation we have for our life.

It represents our acknowledgement that no matter how things are, every moment we have is important enough for us to not waste it.

Many things can happen to us that make life difficult, but whether or not something is bad depends on our perspective. When there are only a few moments left, even the bad ones are something to be thankful for. And this reminds us to be happy, always.

Xandria Ooi, Happiness Vlog
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