Are You Difficult To Please?

Being hard to please doesn’t mean we are happier when things are perfect. Watch this! XO

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To Read:

Do we need to suffer to be happy?

In life, we might feel that it if we’re not so easily happy, then happiness is so much sweeter and better when we do feel it.

Does this mean that the more easily annoyed you are, the more happy you are when things are going well?

Or is it more true that you’re a person who spends 90% of the time annoyed and only 10% of the time happy?

It’s always easy to mistake emotional giddiness for happiness. If we are a person who is hard to pleased, we might experience this heightened rush of satisfaction and pleasure when things are going perfectly our way.

If we are a perpetually happy person on the other hand, we’re afraid that we won’t experience the “high”, that emotional giddiness that is akin to the delight of receiving a rare treat.

Yet, why do we want our happiness to be a rare treat?

And the thing is, even if you eat a treat rarely, the treat isn’t suddenly more sweet.

Experiencing more suffering doesn’t make our happiness more sublime. Being easily dissatisfied doesn’t mean that our happiness is sweeter when we are satisfied.

What it does mean, is that our definition of happiness and unhappiness is based off of emotional highs and lows, and this makes it very hard for us to feel truly fulfilled or at peace.

This is because true happiness is not tied to our highs and lows. Things are always going to challenge us in life. External circumstances can create hurt and pain, but suffering is something only we can choose to feel internally. Anger, impatience, frustration, annoyance… all these are different forms of suffering.

Happiness is an absence of suffering. So don’t choose to be easily irritated and easily angry for the majority of the your time alive. Choose to be happy, always!
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