Are You Giving Your Happiness Away?

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People can do all sorts of things, but they cannot hold our happiness hostage. Watch this! XO

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To Read:
“She’s a terrible boss, I have no motivation at work”

“He doesn’t want me, I feel rejected.”

“He made me so angry, I can’t deal right now.”

When you really think about it, it’s incredible how much of our unhappiness with our life has to do with other people. We think we’re in charge of our own lives, yet we’re almost constantly being controlled and dictated by others.

When people do something, it’s actually their own business. If your boss is awful, that’s the way she’s living her own life. If someone doesn’t want to be with you, that’s the decision he or she is making for their own life. If someone broke their promise to you, they are the ones who have to deal with their conscience.

Why are we allowing the decisions that someone else makes for their own life affect our lives ?

Of course other people’s actions can impact us, but it isn’t up to them to decide if it affects us. It’s normal for us to feel affected by people, but it is equally important to understand that we are the ones who decide to what measure we are affected.

Just because someone did something doesn’t mean my life is ruined.

Just because someone said something doesn’t mean my mood is ruined.

Just because someone yelled at me, or said no, or was awful to me, doesn’t mean my happiness is ruined.

Often, we mistakenly assume that our emotions and actions have to be linked to what someone has done. No. When something has already happened, it’s not at all about what the other person have done, but about how we choose to feel about it and what we choose to do about it.

This is not about being passive or letting people ‘get away’ with things, it’s about solving life’s problems with wisdom, where we understand that we do not need to let other people yank our strings. Why give people so much power over our happiness? No matter how other people choose to behave, you can decide if you want to be happy, always!

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