Are You Smart or Are you Wise? - Happiness Vlog

You may be clever, but do you have wisdom? Watch this X

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It doesn't matter how old we are. For us human beings, wisdom doesn't necessarily come with age. You can be 22 and matured and clear-headed, or you can be 66 and petty and indignant.

Wisdom is a way of thinking and being that’s quite separate from our IQ and EQ. We can be extremely clever, we can recognise our emotions and those of others, yet we may not necessarily make decisions that are beneficial to our own happiness.

The thing about the lack of wisdom is that we cannot see that it's not benefiting us, because we feel so incensed by the need to prove that we're right.

What benefits us isn't about being right or being better or winning. What benefits us is when our actions meet our objectives. 

The question is, what are our objectives in life? It is peace? Is it happiness? Is it to be unaffected by people and circumstances? Is it to show our love for our family without the interference of our impatience or frustration?

If we’re clear on our objectives, then we’ll always be able look back at the times to determine when we thought our actions were right but they were just making us unhappy.

This is a form of wisdom, because it requires reflection and an acknowledgement of how we were driven by our ego at the cost of our happiness.

Of course there are times where we really are right and someone is completely wrong. But what is so crucial to understand in this lifetime is that what is right may not be what is wise.

It’s ridiculous to ‘win’ only to realise later that we’ve actually lost our peace of mind.

We work so hard for our money and our relationships so that we can live with happiness. It’s scary to be 80 years old and look back at all the times where we’ve put aside our peace and happiness for something else.

It’s not about guarding our happiness, it’s about the wisdom of always being able to work with anything that comes our way without stress, hatred, blame or anger.

It’s never a matter of how long we have to live, it’s how we experience the days we have. Live not cleverly but wisely, and be happy, always.

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