Are You Suffering From Emotional Pain?

If you’re feeling like every day is a struggle, I hope this helps. Hugs! XO

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Why do we do things that are self-destructive or do things that we regret when we’re in pain?

The pain we easily recognise is physical pain, and mental and emotional anguish is something that we usually don’t identify as pain.

We use words like upset, insulted, impatient, frustrated, angry, abandoned, lost … but all of that, is emotional pain.

When we’re physically hurt, the pain can be so unbearable that we quickly seek relief from prescribed drugs. When we’re emotionally hurt… the pain is also desperately seeking relief.

Every time we yell at someone or put someone down, there’s temporary release of our own pain, because for a short moment, we feel powerful, we feel in control.

Often, the ugly things we say and do in our relationships are a result of our pain. We can feel so unseen or so insignificant, and the burden of that emotional pain is so heavy that it keeps seeking release. This is why we can purposely hurt the people we love. It’s the only way to get relief.

Sometimes, our emotional pain is so great that we cut ourselves, because the physical pain from self-harm serves as an outlet for our emotional pain, and for that short moment… we feel significant.

Sometimes, we lash out simply because it makes us feel something, and that’s better than the empty void of nothing.

When we’re in emotional pain, there are and always will be ways to numb it - we can distract ourselves with indulgence and food and drink, we can inflict fear upon others as a way to have some illusion of control, we can blame ourselves and constantly find fault with others… but all of that, is only temporary relief.

Nothing and nobody can take our emotional pain away for us. We have to do the work inside of ourselves. It’s scary, and it’s hard, but if there is one thing you can take comfort in, it’s that you’re not ALONE in this. If there is one truth in this universe, it is that we ALL have joy and pain, and we all have to work on self-love and self-acceptance to be happy, always.
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