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When our mind shifts, nothing has changed yet everything changes. Watch this X

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Is it possible for us to switch our misfortunes around, to turn what is bad luck and bad days into something that’s good?

The answer to this question will be incredibly different not just from person to person, but it could also change depending on what stage we are in our life.

When a person changes, when their luck changes or when their life changes, it doesn’t necessarily mean that their values or their personality has change, sometimes even their circumstances remain exactly the same. What it means is that their mindset has somehow shifted.

The power our mind has is this incredibly thing where there are no other words to describe it other than a gift.

And perhaps it’s a gift that is often only valued for parts of what it can do - the ability to solve problems, to do math, to make decisions, to analyse and hold information.
But that’s not all our mind has to offer us - the reason that we call it the ‘power of the mind’ is that the moment our thinking shifts - it can be like we’ve undergone a personality change.

We can go from eating meat to completely vegan the next day. We can go from hating someone to being friends with them. We can go from feeling completely miserable to being completely at peace. When we’re ill, we can even go from feeling like life has no meaning to feeling incredibly grateful for our life.

It’s a very strange thing, this power of the mind, that we cannot adequately explain the reason why we would see a misfortune as a fortune, why we would call a bad day a good day, and why would be grateful for things other people would call horrible.

We are all alive for a significant amount of time, but it is only significant if we are able to wield the power we hold in our mind, because if we don’t even realise how much potential this life has, then we cannot realise that potential.

When we change the way we think, we have the power to change the story of our lives. To be happy, always.


Xandria Ooi, Happiness VLOG
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