"AXE-ASSASSIN ALBERTSON" (Segment 4 of 5) — A Bad Lip Reading

Axe-Assassin shows off his dancing skills and sings "Nuts"


You got wig-grade hair
Wizard body building’s gonna kick in
I'll throw my nubs into your erotical skin
Baby, can’t you see that would be nuts?
I heard your parrot’s a dove
If I get cranky it’s like for months
Hey Miss Texas, right now
Are you a spy?
‘Cus like, that would be nuts
I tell you it’d be nuts
Young Jacques and Jean were so freezing
So they looked toward places to go which weren’t as frozen
93 times a year I’m a lumberjack of fear
I saw a hoo-ha in Paris
It was the damnedest thing, too —
Wait, what is that?
Ugh, I guess that would be a nut?
Can you picture nuts coming off if this swing fell down?
Can you?
Can you?
Can you?
They warn you, the stone creatures
You’ve got no power over time
Weep we do, when we see love lost to the tides
We bruised the wings on the imaginable
Our lungs sang guilt songs
(I miss your good night)
I see twin nuts on high
Twin nuts in the sky
Cue one of the dumbest sounds

00:00 Intro
00:10 See that? That's dancing
01:04 What's that in the sky?
01:18 Nuts
03:57 Guess I'm going to find the Peruvian oak
04:13 Stinker pain
04:52 Outro / Reprise

Thanks for watching, humans of Earth!
2022 — Bad Lip Reading

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