Batman Moments That Will Never Be On The Big Screen

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Movies like Batman Begins and Batman versus Superman: Dawn of Justice are full of scenes lifted directly from the pages of DC Comics. But as the DC Extended Universe ramps up towards the next Batman solo film, which is expected to hit theaters in 2019, director Matt Reeves has over 75 years worth of Batman stories to pick from. And some of them definitely don't make the grade. Here's a look at some Batman moments that will never be on the big screen...

Messiah of the Crimson Sun | 0:30
The Hunchback of the Batcave | 1:06
Trial of the Bat-Witch | 2:08
Nocturna | 3:00
A Christmas Story | 3:29
Professor Gorilla | 4:17
Robin Dies At Dawn | 5:01

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