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Nothing is impossible if you're an optimist. This is why X

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Is it true that nothing is impossible? 

People often say that we have to be realistic, that life isn't a bed of roses and we can't think that the world is filled with only good people.

That is all true, which makes it even MORE important to not have a defeatist attitude

so you can navigate through all of life's challenges and still be happy.

It is only when we don’t have a defeatist attitude and we persevere and never give up that we will always miraculously figure something out that will help us.

And perhaps that is the truest meaning of how nothing is impossible - it's not this blind belief that everything we want will come true, but rather this refusal to be defeated that will always push us to figure out ways to solve problems.

Because when something is not possible, there’s always an alternative that meets your goal or gets you as close to your goal as possible. 

Sometimes, it is only when we are really at the end of the road, when we’re really at our wits end that we unleash a part of ourselves that we never knew existed. It’s amazing how creative and strong we can be when we want something badly enough.

When you're an optimist, it doesn't mean that your rose-coloured glasses is going to make things go your way like a magic wand, what an optimist is is someone who refuses to take no for an answer so you're always working out all the different possibilities of what the alternatives are. 

The universe works in this unexplainable way of always giving to us what we want, but it only comes when we don’t pity ourselves, when we don’t see ourselves as a victim but rather a driver of our own fate. 

Life can serve us many things, many unfair and unkind things, but we can serve life right back with many other things, like our grit, our determination and our fierce belief in ourselves. Don’t ever be defeated, be adetermined. Be happy, always!
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