Be Proud Without Being Vain - Happiness Vlog

It's entirely possible to be proud without being vain. X

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Pride and vanity, praises and flattery; pairs of words that are almost the same but couldn't be more different.

Having great pride is an acknowledgment of what we think of ourselves, and having great vanity is what we would have others think of us. One is an internal acknowledgement, and the other an external validation.

Pride comes from within and spurs us to please ourselves by pushing our own boundaries of imagination, creativity and success and vanity motivates us to push ourselves to be seen in the best light, in whichever direction that receives the most approval and recognition from others.

Pride is to be, and vanity is to seem - Even looking good can come from taking pride, not vanity.

We can also be generous with our praises towards people without flattering them. Too often we withhold the nice thoughts in our heads for fear of coming across as fake or disingenuous, but this is only a problem if we don't understand the difference between praise and flattery.

Praising someone is telling them what you think of them, and flattering someone is telling them what they already think of themselves. One is an internal motivation that comes from a desire to express the nice thoughts in our head, and the other is an external motivation that comes from the hope of making someone like us. 
Too often, we exercise caution where there's no need to - like not being proud of ourselves for fear of being arrogant, or being afraid to praise or compliment someone for fear of coming across as insincere.

There's never any need for caution, only self-awareness and a constant check of our intentions and how genuine we are. Don't be held back by fear or or driven by a desire to be liked.

If we're always driven by growth and a genuine heart, we'll always be on the right path and truly be happy, always.
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