Big Actors Who Were Hired For Very Little Work


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If you manage to snag a huge celebrity for your project, most filmmakers would take advantage and give them a huge role. But, that's not always the case. Sometimes, people are perfectly happy paying top-dollar to use an ultra-star for two lines, or two seconds of screen time. As the old saying goes, there are no small parts, only small actors. Then again, some of these examples stretch that expression to its breaking point. Here are some major actors hired to do very little…

Vin Diesel: Guardians of the Galaxy | 0:28
Jay Leno and George Clooney: South Park | 1:50
John Hurt: Spaceballs | 2:57
Cate Blanchett: Hot Fuzz | 4:03
Kurt Russell: Forrest Gump | 5:07
Brad Pitt & Matt Damon: Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind | 6:09
Glenn Close: Hook | 7:10
Dan Aykroyd: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom | 8:12
Michael Bay: Mystery Men | 8:55

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