Biggest Movie Mistakes You Totally Missed (Justice League) Part 2

WORST Movie Mistakes That Slipped Through Editing

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If you’ve come around these parts often then you know that TheRichest can’t get enough movies. In particular, we love finding things like Easter eggs, continuity errors and factual mistakes. Sure, some people just like to watch the movie and enjoy it. Not us. We love nitpicking our favorites to pieces, all so you can look super-smart in front of your friends. That is, the next time you watch a Marvel movie with your friends you can look on-the-ball by pointing out some major slip. Either that or your friends will make fun of you and you’ll have to watch all future films on your own. Oh well. In any event, we’ve put in the hard work to find you these errors, so use them how you see fit or just see watch to see if we found any you didn’t already know about! And with that – it’s on with the show.

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