Bloopers That Made Us Love These Superheroes Even More

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Superhero movies are obviously fun to watch—their continued success at the box office is proof enough that audiences get a kick out of them. Maybe it's because they've got a little something for everyone—plenty of action, high-stakes human drama, and even a few laughs laced into the mix. As it happens, there are often even more laughs during filming than there are onscreen. It's probably a combination of the set being a high-tech playground and everyone getting punchy from long shooting days, but whatever the case, it makes for some really silly and amusing superhero movie bloopers...

Daredevil | 0:33
Superman | 1:11
Spider-Man 3 | 1:40
Ant-Man | 2:19
Deadpool | 2:58
Spider-Man | 3:37
Guardians of the Galaxy | 4:14
Kick-Ass 2 | 4:42
X-Men | 5:11

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