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As round two of Brexit talks kicked off this week, how much will Britain have to cough up for 44 years of EU membership? And how will Brexit impact food security and farming in the UK?

There's a lot of noise about what's likely to be a very big 'divorce' bill. But there's been relative silence about food security since the Brexit referendum.

A new report published by the University of Sussex calls this lack of focus 'astonishing" - criticising that British consumers have not been informed about the implications of Brexit for agriculture and farming.

It warns that, after decades of EU regulation, the British government is "sleepwalking" into a future of insecure, unsafe and increasingly expensive food supplies.

Food is the largest single UK manufacturing sector, and one-third of its workforce comes from overseas. One third of Britain's food is imported from the European Union.

David Coker, a lecturer in finance at Westminster University, talks about food security post-Brexit and explains why he thinks the UK and the US could strike a trade deal on food.

"President Trump has gone on record saying that a deal with the UK could happen very quickly and also NAFTA renegotiations have just opened up in Washington. They're going to take the seats on August 16, and we feel there could be a case put forward by the Americans at that point for the UK to join NAFTA," says Coker.

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