Building Demolition | 15 Awesome Skyscrapers, Bridges and Chimney Implosions!

Compilation of the best & awesome demolition videos caught on camera! Watch skyscrapers, large buildings, highway bridges, power plants and +200 meter high chimneys getting blown up and demolished by explosives! Subscribe for more: ►

All videos include their original audio tracks / original sounds without music being added, so enjoy listening to the awesome sounds of these building demolitions! Some clips also include multiple camera perspectives and slow motions. To make it easier for you to navigate, check out the time stamps below to skip to specific clips!

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0:00 Apartment Complex Demolition (Number of Apartments: 320 / Weight: 48.000 t / Explosives: 290 kg)
0:34 Business Center Demolition (Floor Space: 25.000 m² / Height: 60 m / Explosives: 250 kg)
1:06 Highway Bridge Demolition (Length: 327 m / Weight: 12.300 t / Explosives: 61,5 kg)
1:53 Skyscraper Demolition (Height: 127 m / Weight: 50.000 t / Explosives: 250 kg)
2:27 Gasometer Demolition (Capacity: 150.000 m³ / Height: 82.9 m)
2:59 Power Plant Demolition (Height: Cooling Tower: 128 m / Chimney: 210 m)
4:16 Coal Mine Demolition
4:41 Sinter Plant Demolition (Height: 50 m)
5:19 Highway Bridge Demolition (Length: 130 m / Weight 6.000 t / Explosives: 82 kg)
5:44 Warehouse Demolition (Explosives: 15 kg)
6:07 Coal Mine Demolition
6:40 Coal Mine Headframe Demolition (Height: 35 m)
6:53 Coal Preparation Plant Demolition (Weight: 1.800 t / Height: 52 m)
7:00 Coal Coking Plant Demolition (Height: 75 m / Weight: 9.000 t)
7:21 Power Plant Demolition
7:36 Power Plant Demolition (Height: Cooling Towers: 115 m / Weight: 11.000 t)
7:51 Shopping Centre Demolition (Height: 53 m / Explosives: 50 kg)
8:09 Chimney Demolition (Height: 230 m)
8:22 Sinter Plant Chimney Demolition (Height: 120 m)
8:34 Nurses' Home Demolition (Weight: 9.000 t / Explosives: 10 kg)
8:45 Hotel Demolition (Height: 68 m / Explosives: 100 kg)
8:55 Apartment Complex Demolition (Height: 64 m)
9:10 Radio Tower Demolition (Height: 115 m)
9:29 Chimney Demolition (Height: 35 m / Explosives: 6.4 kg)
9:50 Highway Bridge Demolition (Height: 70 m)
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A special thanks to all authors and clip owners who contributed their stunning clips to this montage: Jan S. (AbbruchSchrotti) | Christian H. | Manuel S.

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