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Issa Amro has been dubbed by some “the Palestinian Gandhi”. A prominent human rights activist in the occupied West Bank, who’s been recognised by both the European Union and the United Nations, he has been a tireless advocate for nonviolent resistance.

Rather than being embraced by political leaders on both sides, in September, Palestinian security forces arrested him for a post on Facebook in which he criticised the Palestinian Authority for arresting a journalist.

Amro is also awaiting trial in an Israeli military court for a series of charges, dismissed by international rights groups as baseless.
For this week’s special interview, we ask Issa Amro, the co-founder of Youth Against Settlements, about the resistance movement and his upcoming military trial.

Asked by host Mehdi Hasan whether he was willing to go to prison in order for his message to be heard, Amro replied that there is “no change without a price…and sacrifice.”

“I don't want to go to prison. And I don't think we have any Palestinian who wants to go to prison. On the contrary, we want freedom and we want justice. But, it's part of my struggle. Part of my struggle to teach the international community who is asking us day and night to do a non-violence resistance,” said Amro.

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