Change It, Or Accept It - Happiness Vlog

Change what makes you unhappy by changing yourself. Here's why there's always a choice X

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When there are people in our lives who we cannot accept when there are situations in which we feel we have no choice… the solution is as simple or as difficult as saying to ourselves, “Change it” or “Accept it”.

So many solutions to our problems in life is clearly simple yet so frighteningly difficult. This is because simple doesn’t mean easy. We all want the simple answer, yet often times what we want is an easy answer. This is why we can be miserable and remain miserable for so long, because there isn’t an easy answer to most things.

People say change is hard, but acceptance is equally, if not more difficult. Because the truth is that when we are able to accept, change naturally occurs. If it’s a work change we want, it is only when we are able to accept the reality of the situation that we are able to create positive changes.

If it’s a personal change we want, it is only when we are able to accept ourselves and our insecurities that we are able to take action to be more confident.

It is when we are able to accept our grief that we are able to let go of the trauma of losing someone we love.

Acceptance is simple but not easy because it is requires us to freely allow all our darkest emotions to wash over us, again and again, even knocking us down sometimes. It is only when we can acknowledge our emotions and our fears that we can clearly see how we are the cause and effect of all the suffering we experience.

People often think that it’s not possible to be happy when there’s hardship or tragedy in our life, but happiness is quite simply the ability to value and treasure our own life and our own peace even during the most difficult times.

Simple, but not easy.

We don’t ever have to feel helpless because there is always a choice - the choice of how we think and how we respond. Change what makes you unhappy by changing yourself, and be happy, always.

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