Child Stars Who Grew Up Too Fast: Part 2

Famous Child Celebs You Would NEVER Recognize Today
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Being a child star in Hollywood can have its ups and downs. On the plus side, you break into Hollywood at a young age and start your career early in life. On the down side, you have to also grow up very fast. There’s no room for being immature, and these kids basically have to act like mini adults in order to survive in the business. Not only that, but production companies are always trying to make child stars look a lot older than what they really are. The logic behind this practice is rather fascinating since Hollywood wants us all to stay as young as possible. There are child stars out there who look and act wise beyond their years. Maybe they’re old souls, or they’ve been conditioned to act a certain way and completely discard their childhood. One can only speculate, but with this becoming such a trend, it definitely makes you wonder!

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