China confirms signing of Solomon Islands security pact, as US warns of regional instability

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China has confirmed that it signed a security agreement with the Solomon Islands on April 19, 2022. China’s plans for such a pact with the Pacific Island nation have been closely watched by the United States and its allies Australia and New Zealand since they were announced in March. Washington has warned that the deal could destabilise the region, and it is preparing to send senior US officials to the Solomons. China says the pact aims to promote peace and stability in the Solomon Islands and “does not target any third party”. Solomon Islands Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said on April 1 that the islands would not allow a Chinese military base to be established, but a draft official document leaked on social media indicated that Beijing could deploy forces there to “protect” Chinese personnel and major projects in Solomons.

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China confirms signing of Solomon Islands security pact

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