CREEPY Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives

10 Theories That PROVE Time Travel Exists

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For centuries, we have been trying to answer the question of whether we truly just live only once. There have been numerous reports of people who believe that they lived a past life. In fact, this has inspired books, movies, and there is even a Center for Reincarnation Studies! This organization is dedicated to pursuing cases of possible reincarnation, and even they are amazed with the amount of people who come forward. One of the most compelling and convincing past life cases involve children. When a child has knowledge of things that they shouldn’t, then it’s a more convincing argument to validate the proof of past lives. Wouldn’t it be great to know for sure that our consciousness survives? Oftentime, past life believers say that when we’re children, that’s when the past life’s memories are at its strongest. But, as we grow old, those walls and society cause us to forget...thus allowing us to create a new life.

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